What is the Dress Code?

If you are planning on attending Friday. Everybody is planning to dress club style… funky, crazy and fun is fine. Or simply, casual business.

If you are planning to attend Saturday. Jacket and tie, for ladies cocktail dress.

Is continuity allowed in Bronze Smooth dances?

No. Here is a link for NDCA rules and restrictions. http://www.ndca.org/rules-and-results/ndca-approved-figures-elements-and-restrictions/

What Syllabi are allowed in closed events?


Is same sex competition allowed?

Yes, as long as one dancer is registered as “Leader” and the other as “Follower”.

I am a competitor on package. Can I invite my family to the party bus?

We may be able to accommodate family and friends of competitors on Package A, please ask your studio manager to submit a request ASAP. First come, First Serve.