DCDC Scoring System


Did you know? The DC Dance Challenge & Showcase is the only local competition that offers a numeric scoring system for all heats regardless if you have a proficiency (contestant) entry or not? Our goal is to provide further feedback from the judges.

Each judge will rank the competitors using a numeric scale from 0 to 100 to express their scores. This scoring system will provide competitors with feedback, indicating where they stand compared to other competitors and/or the standards expected for their dance level and age group. All participants have the choice to enter uncontested entries. All scores and placements will be available on the competitors’ score sheets for later study.

CONTESTED ENTRIES will be grouped together shown on the program without any lines in between each competition entry. The higher the total score in comparison to the competition, the better the placement. The scrutineer will compare scores between competitors and mark 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place accordingly. The score sheet will show the score from each judge, the total score accumulated, and the placement of each competitor within the same competition. If there is no competition the placement will be first. In this case please review the individual judges’ scores to have a further understanding of the results. All heats with no further indication at any competition document are assumed to be contested except if it is noted “Proficiency”.

UNCONTESTED ENTRIES A.K.A PROFICIENCY ENTRIES will be indicated on the program with the word “Proficiency. Those entries’ scores will not be compared to any other participants’ scores, and the placements will be made only by threshold. 1st place will range in between 94-100, 2nd will range in between 89-93 and 3rd will range in between 82-88. Judges will score based on dance standards that reflect the age and dance level selected. The score sheet will show the score of each judge, the average of all judges’ scores for that entry, and the placement according to the threshold described above.


Scoresheets will be available online 1 week after the competition is over for a period of 3 months after the event. Proficiency results will show the last name of the competitors, the judge’s marks, their average score, and placement. The placement will be resulted strictly by threshold and judges will not be comparing them with other couples.

Numeric Scores Threshold: 

Average Score94 and above93 to 8988 and below
Placement1st Place2nd Place3rd Place

Example1: Uncontested entry with proficiency scoring. Presents the last names of the couple
Heat 1: L-A Bronze 1 proficiency Cha Cha (Lady Pro/Am Bronze 1 is competing uncontested)


Maybe they were a little off beat or using improper technique for that level. If there was another couple competing against them in a contested heat they could have marked first. See example 2

If you enter in a contested entry your results will be presented on contested tables. You will be able to see, your team (couple) identification number, the judges marks, the total accumulated scores, and the placement. The placement in contested heat is by comparison of the total accumulated judge’s scores in between couples on the same level and age group.

Heat 2: L-A Bronze 1- Cha Cha

Here couple 104 (Sterne/Hong) competing contested against couple 106.


They have the same judges scores than before, on example 1. In this case they were placed 1. Their total accumulated score was 185 and is
bigger than 182 so they were place 1.

Note if there was no competition in this contested heat both couples would have marked first regardless of the judge scores, because there was no competition

Heat 3: L-A Bronze 1- Cha Cha


Couple 104 did not have competition in a contested heat and was marked 1st.

10690 92 182 1

Couple 106 did not have competition in a contested heat and was marked 1st

On 3-Dance Challenge Competition the placement is done by comparison of the biggest accumulated score.

Example 4:

Heat 133: L-C Open Bronze Pro/Am Latin Closed 3-Dance Challenge (C/S/R)

Cha Cha






You can easily see the scores of each judges A and C and how close was the competitors to each other. That gives more feedback than the usual system.

Regardless of your placement, always take a close look at the judge’s scores. They will give you a more precise understanding of how you really did. Have in mind the threshold. 94 and above means you did very good according to the standards , scores in between 88.5 and 93.5 means you had some mistakes, scores below 88.5 you had some consistent, easy to identify issues with the dance at this level. The dances you got a lower score, are the ones that need more work.


All scores will be given considering level and age groups.

First Place Threshold (Scoring 100 – 94)

Scoring 99 -100 – Excellent/Consistent technique. Outstanding performance with emotional connection between music and partner.

Scoring 97-98 – Excellent/Consistent technique. Emotional connection with music and, or partner could be better. Work on your expression and styling. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Scoring 94-95-96- Great performance with some minor technical inconsistencies. Scan your choreography for technical inconsistencies and continue drilling your technique to make it consistent. Work also on your stamina to maintain your great form throughout the dance. Take this competition as the training for the next one.

Second Place Threshold (Scoring 93-89)(not meeting the technical requirements for your age group and level)

Scoring 92-93 – Good Performance with some mistakes. Continue working on your choreography, creating further awareness about alignments, balance & control. Investigate details about your frame, posture, poise, timing, balance, footwork, and partnership. You are so close…Keep up the good work! Or learn to hide better your mistakes.

Scoring 89-90-91 – Good Performance with some consistent mistakes. Continue working on your choreography, creating further awareness and understanding about, frame, posture, poise, timing, balance, footwork, and partnership. Do not feel discouraged you had a good performance after all and you are a pleasant dancer.

Third Place Threshold (Scoring  88 and below)
You have several consistent technical mistakes. It is time to re-group and really focus on your competitive technique. Continue working on your choreography, understanding and drilling proper frame, posture, poise, timing, balance, footwork,and partnership. Maybe you just got extra nervous and messed up?! It happens to everybody. Find here the motivation to work harder.

Scoring 0-86 – Ups! You have major technical work to do. Talk to your instructor to make a plan, make it fun and do not lose the passion.

“I’m not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.”  Celine Dion