Awards & Prizes

Top Student

Top Student Awards will be given a plaque (mailed later on) to all levels available on the competition including Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Open (Advanced) Bronze, Pre-Silver, Silver 1, Silver 2, Open Silver and Gold 1, Gold 2, Open Gold. Top Student Awards will be calculated based on the accumulation of points per level throughout the competition. Points will be awarded as follows: 1 point per entry, 5 points for a first place, 3 points for a second place, 1 point for a third place. If a competitor wins top student in two different levels, he/she will be awarded with the highest level only. Uncontested (proficiency) entries will get half of the points.


Scholarships are either close Bronze/Silver (2 age groups) or Open (all ages) for Smooth, Standard, Rhythm, and Latin. To qualify competitors must have at least 5 single dances. All scholarships will receive a medal and a check, according to the table below:

Bronze/Silver Scholarship Prize:    1st-$30%     2nd-$15%    3rd-$10%
Open Scholarship Prize:                   1st-$30%    2nd-$15%     3rd-$10%

Top Teacher

Top Teacher Prize:                            1st-$1000    2nd-$500     3rd-$250
Teacher with most points. Teachers with no packages will get half of points.

If you are a Studio owner, or an independent instructor, join ” DCDC Partnership Program“, send us an email with your name, the name of your school, your position and website. Contact us by E-mail at It is free! You will be able to participate in The Most  Rewarding USA Dancesport Program . Let us know also if you would rather receive a PDF copy of the DCDC Partner School Registration Package.


Did you know? The DC Dance Challenge & Showcase is the only local competition that offers a numeric scoring system for all heats regardless if you have a proficiency (uncontestant) entry or not? Our goal is to provide further feedback from the judges. To know more about unique DCDC Scoring System Click Here.


All competitors will receive a ribbon indicating placement and a score sheet with the judges’ scoring. Score sheets will be available during the evening awards ceremony. DC Dance Challenge proudly offers this to all competitors so that the participants’ instructors and coaches can keep track of their competitors progress. Winners of multi-dances will receive a medal. Multi-dance competitors must enroll in each single dance competition pertinent to the multi dance in order to qualify for participation in Multi-dances.

All participants competitors accumulate points throughtout the competition based on their results: 1st place – 3 Points, 2nd Place – 2 points, 3rd place – 1 point, uncontestant entries will get half of points. At the end of the competition. The Top Participation Award is awarded by level, and it is given to the student that accumulate most points in that level. If a competitor gets most points in two different levels, the winner will be awarded with the highest level only.
The Highest Score Award is given to the student with the highest score in one of the competitions he or she participated in a specific category. If there is tie in the highest score award, the second highest score of the contestants will then break the tie between contestants.