Annual DC Dance Challenge & Showcase

Oct 3 & 4 – Fine, Fun, & Friendly Dancesport in Washington, DC metropolitan area

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DC Dance Challenge

XIII Annual DC Dance Challenge
Dancesport Competition & Show

It is with the safety of all DCDC partners, competitors, students, and staff in mind that we regret to inform the cancellation of DCDC on October 2 & 3, 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile we will be looking forward to ways to make DCDC even better.  DCDC  competition will resume its XIII version on October 2 & 3, 2021. Thanks for understanding. 

If you are a Dancesport Competitor you will find here the opportunity to compete in all Smooth, Rhythm, Standard, Latin & Club dances, among the most Fine, Friendly, & Fun dancers in the nation, receiving great feedback from the judges with numeric scores, and judges commentaries. Click HERE!

If you are planning to be a Spectator, or maybe you are in the area for business or leisure looking for something cool to do. You will find DCDC a unique, very attractive entertainment option to watch a dancesport competition, to watch a show like you see on TV live, or simply enjoy yourself dancing among great dancers. Click HERE!

If you are a Professional, join our DCDC Loyalty Pro Partner program and WIN Big! Click HERE!

Come early! Enjoy one extra night at the Westin Alexandria. (Great value!). Enjoy Washington, DC attractions. (Click HERE!)

 Dancesport Unique and Special? Here are few things that make this Ballroom Dance Competition stand out.

Organized. We have proudly kept our events running smoothly for 10 years.
Service. We treats all professionals as partners, and all amateurs as honored guests, offering the best possible service and setting for you to do what you do best.
Aknowledgement. We work our best to make every participant feel acknowledged and recognized.
Washington, DC  attractions. Do not miss the opportunity to come early and enjoy the great attractions this city has to offer. Our hotel is really close and with easy access to all DC attractions (Click HERE!)
Family & Students Friendly! There are admission tickets discounts for students and kids.
DCDC Top Teacher & DCDC Loyalty Unique Pro Partnership program. (Click HERE!)
Scoring.  Unique Score system. DCDC is the only competition in DC where you get numeric scores for contestant, and uncontested heats, so all competitors get a better feedback from the judges.
Follow up with judge commentary. Judge commentary, video and picture will be available for purchasing so you can have a better understanding of your performance.
Flexibility to enter different students in the same level and age group. At DCDC you can repeat same entry up to three times with each student, plus two age groups below and 2 levels above. It offers students a great opportunity to practice competing. Two students at the same level and age? No problem!
Social Dancing. Are you inspired but not competing? Come and enjoy yourself.
– Finest and friendliest dancers. This is a local competition organized by local instructors catering for the best interest of other instructors and their students.
– We support our USA Veterans with donations from this competition.

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Some say: “This is the best ballroom dance competition I have ever experienced!”  Some have not experienced it yet.

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